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Swim Smooth SG Swim Smooth Singapore


We are passionate about swimming & we love seeing you become a more efficient swimmer!

We offer swim coaching within our uniquely supportive environment for adults between the ages of 18 and 80. Our sessions cater to the entire freestyle swimming community and our athletes compete and train for triathlons, open water swims, masters and competitive swim meets. We welcome all abilities. 


Alongside our weekly squad sessions that cover all your training needs for any freestyle event, we offer our premium one to one Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Sessions for those who like to have little extra special attention for their stroke technique.

If you want the highest quality swim coaching and are serious about improving your enjoyment and swimming efficiency for whatever purpose, then Swim Smooth Singapore is for you!


Training with a team or friends is fun and challenging. The squad focuses on different aspects that are important to improving your fitness, technique and efficiency in open water swimming. 

The program is structured using every swimmer's individual threshold pace (CSS). 


All the swim sets cover the key elements but each session has a specific focus; 


- Technique

- Building Endurance

- Threshold Swim Speed

- Famous Red Mist (Race Prep)


One to One sessions that focus on your individual needs and goals. This is suitable for swimmers that can swim more than 100m. 

Sessions are focussed on further developing your stroke. Either after a video analysis session, learn to swim practise or swimmers who would like to get regular stroke tune up work to keep their stroke efficient.


This session includes drills and training advice that will help you correct stroke flaws. 


Duration: 60 minutes. 


Take your swimming and technique to another level with our famous Swim Smooth video analysis session. 

Knowing your Swim Type is a game changer in understanding you, your stroke and your training needs. 

We believe that every swimmer is an individual and is treated as such. 


Duration: 75 to 90 mins 


Swimming is a must have life skill. It can save your life and let you take part in fun water activities and races.

It is never too late to learn this life skill, once mastered it is with you for life.


Duration: 60 minutes 


Colin is an ITU level 1 qualified triathlon coach, AUSTSWIM swim coach, and the founder of COS Coaching, having started the business in 2016.

He is a Kona qualifier and well known elite age group triathlete in Asia. The highlights of his career include competing at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii in 2017 and finishing second globally in the Ironman All World Athlete program in 2015. He has also won the Singapore Metasprint Series in 2017, 2018, and the Metasprint Triathlon for the third year in a row in 2019.


Colin enjoys passing on his passion and experience in the sport to others looking to improve their capabilities whether as a beginner or experienced athlete. He has consistent success in coaching others to achieve their goals and obtain new personal bests.  


Swim Smooth is the worlds leading authority in Adult Swimming, we believe in an individualised approach to coaching.


Swim Smooth's home is in Perth, where our head coach Paul Newsome has been leading over 400 squad members since 2004. Coaching swimmers across the world with video analysis that is a game changer in achieving your next level in swimming. 

Not only is the program known for its specific Swim Type  system that allows our certified coaches to figure out the right technique and training for you. The International Triathlon Union (ITU) believes in our methods and has partnered with us to introduce in their program the new mind set of freestyle learning and triathlon training. That’s pretty cool!


Want to know more? Check out our website to learn why this program is the best change for your swim training and our philosophy on the controversial aspects of swim coaching.

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