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FINIS aims to provide customers with training equipment and swimwear which will help swimmers get the edge over their competition. Having collaborated with swimmers and coaches from around the world, FINIS remains at the forefront of swimming technology. FINIS developed unique training equipment ranging from fins, kickboards and paddles, which are proven to improve specific areas of technique.

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The PURE Sports Nutrition range is proudly produced in New Zealand and has been designed with sports science in mind.  

Our brand stands for high quality, natural products that work, containing no artificial ingredients or colours.  

The range has grown to provide high-quality products before, during and after your workouts.

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While carb-loading has been a popular approach for athletes to meet energy requirements in endurance sports, until now there has been no equivalent for hydration. After all, the human body can’t store water in reserve. However, using the unique resistant starch in PREPD, we can prime the body to be able to boost hydration and increase fluid absorption.

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ALP NUTRITION is a revolutionary range of liquid dietary supplements from Germany. Containing ingredients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, skinceuticals & phytonutrients from plant extracts. ALP NUTRITION products are based on the highest quality of raw materials and latest scientific knowledge to be your natural support for:

Mental CapacityPerformance & RegenerationDiet & Fitness.


Created with health in mind STEALTH advanced nutrition products have been developed in partnership with pro-athletes for optimum performance. Our hydration-energy mixes, gels and recovery proteins are all UK manufactured. 
Whether you’re an experienced sportsperson or beginner, our products keep you one step ahead and help you maximise your potential.

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