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Swim Smooth Video Analysis is our premium service that is suitable for every level of swimmer. It is a powerful way to understand what is holding you back or why your performance might have plateaued.

Video analysis is suitable if you have just started with your freestyle journey or if you are top of the class. A video analysis can describe more than words!

The session is laid out as follows:

  • Your stroke is filmed in all different angles above and below the water. 

  • In-depth analysis of your stroke will be recorded so you can always return to your key focus areas

  • You will be compared with elite age group/Olympic swimmers to highlight correct technique and to help visualise what an efficient stroke should look like

  • We will go through a set of specific stroke correction drills that will help you to improve your stroke efficiency according to the analysis

  • At the end of the session you will get a stroke development plan with the key areas you need to work on. 

Duration: 75 to 90 minutes. 


One to One sessions that focus on your individual needs and goals. This is suitable for swimmers that can swim more than 100m. 

Sessions are focused on further developing your stroke. Either after a video analysis session, learn to swim practise or swimmers who would like to get regular stroke tune up work to keep their stroke efficient.


This session includes drills and training advice that will help you correct stroke flaws. 


Duration: 60 minutes. 


If you have never swum before or you have difficulty completing 1 to 2 lengths without stopping then we can help you. 

The program follows Swim Smooth's 10 step Learn to Swim Freestyle Program. It covers a step-by-step process, theory and practical, for learning how to swim freestyle. 

Focus Areas

  • Correct exhalation

  • effective kick for swimmers and triathletes

  • good alignment and rotation

  • proper hand entry

  • arm recovery

  • basic catch mechanics

 Duration: 60 minutes. 

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